- To setup Norton, enter Norton Product Key

10.00 Via the internet, the modern world is transmitted, and it is the key source of different web-based knowledge. Besides these reasons, the Internet is also the cause of numerous malware and cyber robberies. Norton is one of the most common antivirus programmes suitable for all OS users. Norton is a secure program which is corporate-friendly and can work on any platform like iOS, Linux and Windows.

On, all the substantial specifics about the implementation and activation of the unique plan are summarily stated. Full help and other similar data can be obtained by A website of the same.

Norton Account Building

The first step is to build a stable user account and follow the steps below for further guidance, such as uploading, installation and activation.

Go to the Web page for Norton, which is
Then, press the 'My Accounts' portion.
Click the 'Sign Up' button after that.
Now, you have to enter all the login information for the account.
Next, use the username of your account and the account passcode to log into your account.
After that, by clicking the Arrangement button, abide by Norton's terms and conditions.
If the account is established, you will get the same notification.

Norton on Main Computer Download

Go through the following instructions to enter the home page and save the Norton configuration to your PC.

Go to Norton's homepage via
Check for the My Account section, then. Hit on it until discovered.
Hit the Update button there after that.
Now, select the desired alternative as your preferred download:
On this laptop, Download
On another laptop, download
If you want to update the setup on the same computer, from the extended menu, tap "Download on this machine."
After that, after a while, the downloading setup will start.
Wait until the downloaded configuration has been finished.

Norton Antivirus Installation on Another Computer

This is another alternative offered by Norton for installing the full download configuration. Most of the measures remain the same, but one can download the setup to another computer with certain improvements in the downloading procedures.

Read and follow these basic steps to learn how quickly it is possible to download to another computer.

Install the browser on the internet.
Then, click on the URL and paste ""
There, press the button Enter.
You will be asked to go to Norton's home page.
Navigate to the portion of My Account and click the Log-In button.
Enter your mail address, username and sign-in passcode.
After that, click the 'Download.' option.
Next, click the "Open on another screen" option.
You will then be prompted to enter an email address where you would like to use the account.
Hit the 'Send Download Connection' option. You will immediately send the download connection to the email address you have joined.
Start the secondary computer and open the application for mail there.
Open the download-related executable file. A download link emerges, so you have to press it.
Downloading will continue to run on the computer. You have to wait a bit for the whole operation to take place.

Having Norton built on your machine

Once you have successfully downloaded the configuration from as per your preferred requirements, then follow these installation guidelines.

To open the Run dialogue box, press the Window logo and R key.
Now, in the search area, type 'Norton' and press the OK button.
Hit the Downloads segment that has arisen.
Check for the Norton file and tap on it if it's found.
After a bit of simply tapping the exe file, the installation will begin.
Once the Norton antivirus is correctly mounted on your computer, you will get a warning message.

Activating your machine with Norton Antivirus

A wide series of subscription plans are offered by Norton; one may select according to his choice. The activation phase is a critical feature for a premier subscription. If you have successfully activated Norton, you are asked to enable the product in order to take advantage of all the complex functionality.

Note: Before reading these instructions, as needed for the further activation phase, it is necessary to be ready with the activation code.

Touch the taskbar in the lowermost portion of the device.
Now, on the Start menu, tap.
Open a search bar and enter Norton in the section given.
A listing will be shown, and you need to click on the Norton file.